Saturday, 18 July 2009

Blonde vs Brunette

Nothing makes me want to be a blonde (or wear a lace catsuit) more than Marianne Faithfull circa 1960something.

But Cilla makes brunette look pretty good too...

Old School

It isn't just the young folk that have that certain joie de vivre.

Calvi On The Rocks

What could be a better combination than music and sunshine? 

A place where there was an abundance of both was Calvi on the Rocks, and seriously, life does not get much better than this. A beautiful music festival on a beautiful French island is truly a winning formula.

So if anyone is looking for me next July, this is where you will find me. 

Hung Out To Dry

I have recently been in a little French town called Hyeres. I thought one of the prettiest things about this place was the assortment washing that was on display outside every window. It sure beats a Hills Hoist!